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Frozen 2

Discovered an additional perk to having a Disney blog with my husband, this week. I have a reeeally good excuse to go and see ALL the new Disney films at the cinema. Now this is something I don’t do very often, as cinema tickets for our nearest Vue are around £10 each and our fifteen-year-old daughter will always want to come with us, so when you include the popcorn and drinks (which I shouldn’t buy, but am a total sucker for), we’re looking at easily over £30 a trip (an expense we usually try to avoid, unless there’s something we really want to see). However, Ben had agreed that we need to go all out on Disney GFTM, so when I suggested that I review all the new films, he agreed.

So off ‘daughter’ and I went, on New Years Eve (because, as a parent in their thirties and teenager too young to go out clubbing yet, that’s how we roll on NYE), to see Frozen 2. Why had we not seen it yet? Back to the expense of the trip, really. We’d already seen Aladdin and The Lion King, and had already planned to see Mulan in March 2020, so it seemed only logical to not prioritise a Disney sequel and to wait for it to come out on Disneylife (although that’s being given up to make way to Disney+ in March!).

Following on from Frozen, Elsa seems to have learnt how to control her powers and is living happily in the castle with Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. However, she starts hearing a tuneful calling from afar, that seemingly no one else can hear. She believes that it is calling her to an enchanted forest, that their father told them of when they were children. So, accompanied by Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, they commence the journey to the enchanted forest, Elsa hoping to find what is calling to her.

Possibly a controversial opinon for a sequel, but I actually think I preferred Frozen 2 to Frozen. I loved the strong Nordic themes that ran through the film (…because the film is based in Norway, so not surprising) and how so much of it was based around humans understanding (or really, lack of understanding) of nature and the four elements. I felt that, despite there clearly being similarities to the original songs, these one’s were better than the songs in Frozen. The general composition of the songs gave them more depth and allowed for the emotion of the characters to be expressed more strongly. ‘Show Yourself’ was my personal favourite, although I don’t feel that there were any that particuarly let the score down. There was also a considerable amount of humour throughout the film, and not just the childish humour that used to feature in Disney classics. The song ‘Lost in the Woods’ is clearly spoofing Peter Cetera and other artists of that ilk and had my daughter and I laughing from start to finish.

In conclusion, would I recommend seeing Frozen 2? Without a doubt. See it!


Kerry 😁